Thursday, April 2, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: JEC workers, vowing to protect the company from government take-over, strike for 2 hours [FJ 4/3]. Spokesman for Jerusalem municipality denies Arab bakeries have been ordered not to bake or sell bread during Passover; says bakeries have been asked not to display bread outside their shops [FJ 4/3].

Arab World: Statement signed by "rank-and-file" members of PFLP denounces reconciliation with PLO Chairman Arafat, demands PFLP boycott PNC session scheduled for 4/20; George Habash, leader of PFLP, is in Algiers for consultations with Arafat aides in preparation for the upcoming session [NYT 4/4].

Other Countries: Reports indicate U.S. investigators believe Harold Katz, an attorney who holds U. S. and Israeli citizenship, was involved in the Pollard spy affair, but the investigation of his role is being seriously hampered by Israeli government's decision to bar Katz from leaving Israel [WP 4/2]. Katz denies he participated in the espionage ring, says his Washington, D.C. apartment may have been used without his knowledge [WP, NYT 4/3]. Soviet spokesman denies reports U.S.S.R. and Israel have agreed to exchange official delegations, confirms Soviet "consular workers" will go to Tel Aviv [WP 4/3].