Thursday, February 12, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Over 500 Birzeit University student marchers protest Amal and Syrian actions against Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Israeli policies in occupied territories. Students in Ramallah boycott classes, attack Israeli troops with stones. Palestinian artists hold allnight vigil in Jerusalem theater in solidarity with besieged camps in Lebanon [FJ 2/13].

Arab World: Reports indicate Salah Khalaf (Abu lyad) intervened to urge kidnappers holding 4 professors in Beirut not to execute hostages, stressed U.S. would likely retaliate if any of 4 were killed [SG, WT 2/13].

Military Action

Arab World: Joint Syrian-Lebanese patrol kills Hizballah member at Beirut checkpoint. Hizballah responds by capturing 12 Syrian soldiers, 13 Lebanese policemen, burning patrol vehicles [JP 2/13]. Israeli air force jets strike Fateh base at Mieh Mieh refugee camp near Sidon, killing 3, wounding 12 [WT 2/13; BG 2/12]. In Damascus, Syrian troops raid offices of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, arrest senior official [NYT 2/13].