Tuesday, September 23, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli authorities close Nablus offices of Construction and Public Institutions Unions and Union of Public Service Workers for one year for "security reasons," alleging groups are linked to PFLP (Fl 9/26).

Arab World: Egypt's ambassador to Israel assumes functions in Tel Aviv (WP 9/24).

Other Countries: UN Security Council adopts resolution calling on Israel to withdraw troops from S. Lebanon and to permit UNIFIL to move up to border. U.S. abstains; 14 members of council vote in favor of resolution (WP 9/24).

Military Action

Arab World: IDF warplanes bomb Palestinian targets in Druze-controlled Shuf mountains southeast of Beirut, the tenth airstrike in Lebanon this year; two women are wounded. New York Times reports five wounded, four Druze villages bombed (NYT 9/24). Defense Minister Rabin tours SLA outposts before raid, vows to crush attempts to attack SLA which has lost 16 men in recent weeks. French continue to evacuate positions for safer ground (NYT, WP 9/23). Shamir says Israel is not planning an invasion (NYT 9/24).