Wednesday, August 6, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli High Court upholds presidential pardon of Shin Bet chief and his three aides. Eight other Shin Bet members apply for similar pardons [NYT 8/1]. Knesset passes bill prohibiting Israelis from meeting with PLO officials for whatever reason (3 years' imprisonment penalty) and a second bill prohibiting incitement to racial conflict. Racism bill, originally intended to curb Rabbi Meir Kahane, is watered down such that Kahane himself votes for it [WP 8/7]. Two West Bankers (Ibrahim 'Ali 'Abdallah Abu Zahra, 37, from Yatta village near Hebron, and Muhammad Dakhlallah, 23, from Ta'amrah village near Bethlehem) are arrested and administratively detained for 6 months without charge or trial [FJ 8/8]. Palestinian residents of 3 Galilee villages win 10-year battle to regain 6,800 dunums of their farmland, known as "Area 9," declared a closed military zone by the Israeli military in 1976 [FJ 8/8].

Other Countries: Meetings in Moscow of Soviet officials and Fateh and 4 other Palestinian groups end; Soviets announce "positive results" [CSM 8/8].