Thursday, July 24, 2014

The IDF continues its assault on the Gaza Strip by land, air, and sea, attacking over 90 targets and killing 104 Palestinians. One IDF strike on a UN-run school in Bayt Hanun kills at least 15, and wounds 200, mostly women and children seeking shelter. The Israeli army says it is investigating the incident and that “terrorists” opened fire at IDF personnel from the area of the school. Palestinians fire around 60 rockets into Israel, 15 of which are intercepted by Iron Dome, causing no damage or injuries (including 5 over Tel Aviv). On the ground in Gaza, al-Quds Brigades and al-Qassam Brigades claim to have killed 4 and 8 Israeli soldiers, respectively. In the West Bank, a reported 10,000 Palestinians gather in protest of the assault on Gaza and march from c. Ramallah to Qalandia checkpoint, where clashes with IDF troops break out. IDF troops kill 2 and injure more than 200 protesters, including 60 with live ammunition. The IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids in Nablus in the morning. In East Jerusalem, Israeli security forces set up checkpoints to restrict access to Haram al-Sharif, leading to clashes and the arrest of 12 Palestinian youth. (AFP, AP, HA, JP, MNA, REU, YA 7/24; PCHR 7/25)

Secy. of State Kerry meets with UN Secy.- Gen. Ban in Cairo once more. Meanwhile, in Amman, PA Pres. Abbas meets with Jordan’s King Abdallah and says “there is hope for a cease-fire” along the lines of “the Egyptian initiative” before fuller negotiations about wider demands. Kerry reaches out to Turkish and Qatari diplomats in an effort to garner support from Hamas’s regional allies for his cease-fire initiative. (AFP, AP, JP, MNA, REU, YA 7/24)

Rivlin is sworn in as the new pres. of Israel, succeeding Peres. (HA 7/24)