Friday, May 2, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Deputy Minister of Agriculture Avraham Katz-Oz is quoted as saying the country is facing a problem in supplying enough water; he is working on a legal way to turn all water resources in the country, including run-off water and purified sewage water, into government property [JP 5/2]. Contractor Avraham Gindi, charged with fraudulent West Bank land deals and tampering with evidence, makes a second suicide attempt by swallowing 50 tranquilizers and turning on the gas oven in his Rishon LeZion office [JP 5/4].

Arab World: Egyptian Foreign Minister 'Ismat 'Abd al-Magid is quoted as saying Egypt is appealing to the upcoming Tokyo summit to establish a $30 billion M.E. development fund to assist countries in the region suffering financial difficulties aa result of the oil price collapse [FT 5/2].

Other Countries: U.S. State Dept. rejects appeal of Rabbi Meir Kahane to keep his U.S. citizenship despite his service in the Knesset [LAT 5/3].