Thursday, January 30, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Dr. 'Azmi Shu'aybi, 'Ali Abu Hilal, and Hasan 'Abd al-Jawad drop High Court appeal against deportation orders against them on grounds they cannot expect a reasonable decision [NYT 1/31]. Sephardi Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu proposes erecting a synagogue on the Haram al-Sharif [JTA 1/31].

Arab World: Talks break down between Yasir Arafat, King Hussein after 5days of discussion on how to secure role for PLO in M.E. peace process; PLO will accept UN resolutions 242, 338 only if the U.S. recognizes Palestinian righto self-determination within context of Jordanian-Palestinian confederation, and if U.S. guarantees effective peace conference [WP, BG 1/31]. Arab League condemns U.S. economic, military pressures against Libya, rejects Libya's demand for economic retaliation [WP, LAT 1/31]. Anonymous phone caller claims responsibility on behalf of Abu Nidal group for 1/29 killing of 2 Israeli soldiers in West Bank [BG 1/31].

Other Countries: U.S. vetos UN Security Council resolution stating "provocative" visit by Israel MKs "violated the sanctity of the Haram al-Sharif" in Jerusalem; vote is 13-1, with 1 abstention [NYT 1/31; JTA 2/3]. Reagan administration postpones indefinitely proposed $1.9 billion arms sale to Jordan [LAT 1/31; NYT, WP 2/1]. United Jewish Appeal announces its 1985 campaign raised total of $637 million, a $51. 1 million increase over the year before [JTA 1/31].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Two gunmen open fire from a moving car outside Jerusalem's Old City, killing an Israeli undercover police detective investigating drug cases, injuring 2 others; 4 Palestinians are arrested [WP, NYT 1/31].