Monday, February 10, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel deports 2 more Palestinians to Jordan: 'Adnan Ghanim and A. 'Abd al-Majid Radad, both West Bankers released in the 5/20/85 prisoner exchange. Ghanim was brutally tortured during his detention since 12/22/85, suffering severe head injury [FJ 2/14]. Peres proposes "devolution" of local, municipal affairs into hands of occupied territories residents states he is not advocating "unilateral autonomy" [JP 2/11]. Israelis, Palestinian leaders in occupied territories reject unilateral autonomy [MG, JP 2/11].

Arab World: Jerusalem Post reports 2 leading Palestinian diaspora leaders, Prof. Walid al-Khalidi, of Harvard University, and Hassib al-Sabbagh, Geneva-based financier, visited Amman last week to participate in negotiations between King Hussein, Yasir Arafat [JP 2/10]. Al-Fajr editor Hanna Siniora and Gaza lawyer Fayiz Abu Rahmah also participated in negotiations between Wat Cluverius and Yasir Arafat [JTA 2/10].

Military Action

Other Countries: Newsweek reports U.S. 6th Fleet jets have secretly been practicing precision attacks in the Negev desert for over 3 months [NWK 2/10].