Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In the West Bank, Israeli forces uproot 18 olive trees nr. Salfit to clear space for the construction of a new water supply network for nearby settlements. IDF troops patrol in Bayt Umar nr. Hebron, sparking minor clashes with stone-throwing youths; there are no injuries. They also arrest 5 Palestinians during raids nr. Hebron and Bethlehem, and patrol in and around Hebron during the day. In East Jerusalem, more than 40 Palestinians banned from Haram al-Sharif gather outside the sanctuary in protest while approx. 300 rightwing Jewish activists tour the area. Meanwhile, Israeli forces arrest 7 Palestinians during raids in the Old City. Along Gaza’s border, IDF troops arrest 2 Palestinians attempting to cross into Israel nr. Rafah. (MNA, WAFA 4/11; MNA 4/12; PCHR 4/13)