Tuesday, September 17, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Fierce clashes with army occur in Dheisheh camp in protest of collective arrests; cars stoned, one soldier injured. Soldiers beat residents and erect checkposts [FJ 9/20]. Jalazun camp residents are attacked [FJ 9/20]. Committee in Solidarity with Birzeit U. demonstrates outside P.M. Peres' office denouncing recent measures [FJ 9/20]. Israeli For. Min. issues statement against upcoming British arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Jordan [JP 9/18].

Other Countries: Lebanese-bom Palestinian Ahmad al-Husayn Abu Suraya, 27, is charged in Rome with throwing ahand grenade into a crowded restaurant 9/16, in which 40 were injured. No organization claims responsibility for the attack. Abu Suraya was carrying a false Moroccan passport [WP, LAT 9/18]. British P.M. Thatcher states during a visit to Cairo that little-known members of the PLO "who have totally rejected terrorism" must be included in the next round of negotiations in the M.E. peace process [LT, MG 9/18].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers shoot and kill Munthir 'Awad Ibrahim 'Abd al-'Aziz, 18, of Gaza, after he reportedly refuses to stop as ordered. Israeli military sources claim soldiers fired at his feet; 3 bullets are found in his head [JP 9/18, 24; FJ 9/20, 27].

Arab World: Suicide car bomber hits SLA checkpost at Almun, in the security zone, killing or wounding 30 SLA militiamen, according to Lebanese govemment television; exact death and casualty figures unknown. A 30-second videotape made before the attack identifies the driver as a member of the Arab Socialist Union-Nasserite Organization, a Libyan-backed group [NYT 9/18].