Tuesday, October 29, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Ha'Aretz reports P.M. Peres has made secret power-sharing arrangements with King Hussein over how they might jointly control the West Bank in the event of a peace settlement. Peres denies the existence of such an agreement [CT, LAT 11/1]. London Times reports Israeli disciplinary court has cleared 2 Shin Bet agents in the beating death of 2 Palestinians who hijacked a bus in the Gaza Strip last April; govt. inquiry said it could not establish who struck the fatal blows which killed the 2 during interrogation following their arrest [LT 10/29].

Arab World: Yasir Arafat holds press conference in midst of meetings with Jordanian officials, states Jordan and the PLO agree to set up permanent joint committee to coordinatefforts in M.E. peace efforts [LT 10/30]. Arafat rejects U.S. conditions for his participation in M.E. peace negotiations, defends armed resistance against Israel as legitimate activity against occupying power [NYT, BG 10/30]. Two top Fateh officials arrive in Cairo for talks aimed at healing rifts over Achille Lauro hijacking, prepare for upcoming visit by Yasir Arafat [FT 10/31].

Other Countries: U.S. State Dept. announces Wat Cluverius, U.S. consul general in Jerusalem since 1983, has been named senior advisor to Asst. Sec. of State for M.E. Affairs Richard Murphy. Cluverius is replaced by Morris Draper, former deputy to former M.E. envoy Philip Habib [WP, LAT 10/30]. U.S. Sen. Appropriations Subcommittee approves fiscal foreign aid program which includes $531 million to ease high interest charges facing Israel on past U.S. loans [WSJ 10/30].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jerusalem Post reports unidentified gunmen apparently infiltrated from Egyptian territory and attacked IDF patrol last week near moshav in the Negev; no injuries reported UP 10/29].

Arab World: Jordanian jets accidentally overfly Israel and Syria, drawing Syrian missile fire, return unharmed. Israeli military describes it as "a local incident, simply a mistake" [WP 10/30].