Tuesday, July 9, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Knesset passes, on first reading, bill to outlaw racial incitement. Bill would amend Basic Law and penal law to prevent Knesset lists from running in elections if they negate existence of Israel, negate democratic nature of state, incite to racism, or are believed to be fronts for illegal activity [JP 7/10]. Israeli military government extends Employment Service Law and the National Insurance Institute Law to occupied territories; settlers are now eligible for unemployment compensation and income benefits [JP 7/9]. Israeli military authorities issue new military order requiring all local Palestinian newspapers to publish official ads from military governorate without alterations. Arab newspaper owners reject order and decide to confront it [FJ 7/12].

Arab World: Amal leader Nabih Birri and Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, meeting in Damascus with Syrian government and Lebanese religious leaders, discuss a new security plan for Lebanon with Syrian-backed Palestine National Salvation Front. Plan requires all militias to disarm [MG 10/7].

Other Countries: Forum '85, nine-day NGO conference preceding official UN conference concluding Decade for Women, begins in Nairobi; 10,000 women participate in 1,800 workshops, seminars, and films. Eight women from occupied territories are prevented by Israelis from travelling to symposium; half a dozen make the trip [JP 7/14, NS 7/28].

Military Action

Arab World: Two Lebanese students backed by Syrian National Socialist party kill 15 Lebanese (including 2 South Lebanese Army soldiers) and themselves in 2 suicide car bomb attacks at security zone checkpoints. Two IDF soldiers are also injured [LT, JP, PI, LAT, TI 7/10].