Tuesday, July 16, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Prime Minister Peres meets secretly with Bethlehem Mayor Iliyas Furayj and ex-speaker of Jordanian Parliament Hikmat al-Masri of Nablus. Furayj describes meeting as "a general discussion" [LT 7/18]. Israel Radio reports Israeli Amb. to France Ovadia Sofer met secretly in Paris with Soviet Amb. Yuli Varontsov [NYT 7/19, LT 7/20]. Six hundred Ethiopian Jews march from Afula to Tel Aviv to protest the process of ritual immersion to verify their Jewishness [NYT, LT 7/17]. Bethlehem U. Student Council publishes statement in al-Mithaq denouncing Bethlehem Mayor Iliyas Furayj's attendance at university's 7/13 graduation ceremonies; withdraws recognition of Furayj as head of the board of trustees for the university [FJ 7/26]. All-night negotiations between Israeli government and Histadrut labor federation avert general strike. Government foregoes emergency decrees to implement austerity program [LT 7/17].