Friday, April 19, 1985


Occupied Palestine/lIsrael: DM Rabin indicates Israel will establish 3 to 10 mile "security zone" in S. Lebanon; states UNIFIL played "negative" role in area and that Israel would be "better off" without its presence [MG 4/20]. Jewish Press reports Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Nissim Ze'ev charged city's Arab-Jewish youth activities encourage inter-ethnic dating, marriage; demanded Palestinians be banned from such activities [JP 4/19].

Other Countries: In Washington, Intl. Center for Research and Public Policy releases survey indicating 55% of American public believes peace will come to Middle East only when Palestinian state is created; only 27% felt such a state would constitute a threat to Israel; 70% feel US policy in region should be evenhanded [FJ 4/26].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Bomb explodes in Jerusalem street; no injuries; 77 arrested [JP 4/21]. IDF raid, close Bethlehem U. indefinitely [LT 4/20]. In al-Bureij camp, Border Police fire on crowd, killing 12-yr.- old 'Issa Isma'il 'Issa, wounding 2nd youth; over 250 arrested in subsequent demonstrations [JP 4/21]. Israeli taxi driver shot, killed on W. Bank; 3 suspects arrested, contend motive was robbery [JP 4/21, 22]. IDF arrest 35 young boys from 'Ain Arik, including 5-yr.-old Muhammad 'Ali Dhyab, on charges of participating in 2/85 stone-throwing incident; older boys beaten [FJ 4/26].