Monday, December 3, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: PM Peres rejects call for UN peace conference, direct talks with PLO [CSM 12/6];. offers to meet Hussein "with no preconditions" [MG 12/4]. Al-Najah U. opens after 4-mo. closure by occupation authorities UP 12/3]. Atty. Gen. Zamir threatens Knesset members with prosecution if they meet with PLO or "enemy agents" [JTA 12/3].

Arab World: Jordan and Egypt jointly call for UN peace conference, with PLO participation, based on UN Res. 242 [NYT 12/4]. Chrmn. Arafat meets King Fahd in Riyadh [LAT 12/4].

Military Action

Arab World: Bomb wounds IDF soldier as convoy passes through Saraf and, S. Lebanon [JP 12/4]. IDF kills woman in Jibsheet, S. Lebanon [MG 12/5]. Jordanian diplomat 'Azmi al-Mufti assassinated in Bucharest [WP 12/5].