Wednesday, December 19, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: W. Bank lawyers group announces intention to challenge extensive Israeli "Road Plan 50" before World Court; plan would expropriate 46,000 dunums, freeze development of further 78,000 [JP 12/20].

Other Countries: Israeli delegation in Washington seeks record $4.85 billion in US aid [PI 12/20]; US indicates Irael will not receive full amount [JTA 12/20]. US Defense Sec. Weinberger, State Dept. official Dam defend Reagan Plan as basis for future initiatives [JP 12/20]. US Commerce Dept. states 59 US firms fined $1.6 million for complying with Arab boycott of Israel [JP 12/17].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Press reports indicate Israeli security forces seize 6 Gaza residents with grenade, target list including US embassy [LAT 12/19].

Arab World: Toura, S. Lebanon villagers claim IDF killed woman, girl in raid previous week [MG 12/20].