Thursday, February 14, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Citizens' Rights Movement presents report to DM Rabin citing discrimination in Occupied Territories, outlining proposals for improvement; cites as example of discrimination 4,000 phone lines in Kiryat Arba as opposed to 700 in Hebron UP 2/14]. DM Rabin states no settlement will be erected on Tal Rumeida, Hebron; Cabinet Min. Ne'eman insists previous Likud govt. approved such proposed settlement [JP 2/15].

Arab World: Chrmn. Arafat leaves for Rumania. PLO Political Dept. Head Farouq Qaddoumi, Fateh second-in-command Salah Khalaf insist PLO set up own independent state, have sole right to represent Palestinians at any peace talks [WP 2/15]. DFLP, PFLP criticize Arafat-Hussein accord [JP 2/15]. Lebanese security forces indicate over 1,000 SLA members have deserted since Israel announced withdrawal plans [LAT 2/16].

Other Countries: US State Dept. report on human rightsituation in Israel, Occupied Territories generally favorable [JP 2/14].

Military Action

Arab World: Action in S. Lebanon: IDF kills 11 resistance fighters, captures 9 in firefight along the Awali River [NYT 2/15]. IDF raid Burj Rahhal after bomb explodes near convoy; 150 questioned, 60 detained; 1 man killed, another wounded; 3 homes, community center bulldozed; IDF, French UNIFIL troops engage in fistfight as French try to stop demolition of homes [WP 2/15, LT 2/28]. IDF troops fire upon car of NBC news correspondent Bonnie Anderson at Awali River bridge near Sidon; no injuries [WP 2/15, NYT 2/27].