Monday, September 17, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Jerusalem press conference, staff and student representatives of West Bank universities condemn closure of Najah Nat'l. U. (since 7/30/84). Military orders ban Gaza table tennis tournament (scheduled for 9/21).

Arab World: Portuguese & Eritrean labor delegations visit Chrmn. Arafat at Tunis HQ. PDR Yemen leader Ali Nasser Mohammed arrives in Damascus for talks with officials on PLO-Syria reconciliation.

Other Countries: Israel announces appointment of Benjamin Netanyahu as its amb. to UN.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: 2nd anniversay of massacres at Sabra and Shatila camps; Israeli troops respond with tear gas to demonstrations in Jalazoun and Dheisheh camps. Israeli bus ambushed near Bethlehem, 5 Israelis, 2 Palestinians in nearby car injured; police search, impose curfew on Dheisheh camp & al-Khidr village. Arab World: IDF position near Jezzine shelled by Katyushas fired from south of Awali River.