Sunday, October 28, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Cabinet approves DM Rabin's plan for negotiated "political-military" solution & IDF withdrawal from Lebanon. 2nd Natl. Conference of Jewish-Arab Committee Against Racism meets at Nahmani Theater, Tel Aviv. Kahane pelted with tomatoes at speech in Bir al-Sab'a, praising "brave Jews" for rocket attack on Arab bus; Kach and Peace Now followers exchange blows; police intervene, arresting 1 Peace Now & 2 Kach members. MK Miari proposes national service program to counter discrimination against Palestinians for not serving in IDF. MK Peled calls for defense budget cuts & cancellation of Lavi program.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Arab bus attacked in S. Jerusalem with 66 mm anti-tank rocket; 1 Sa'ir man killed, 10 injured; attackers leave weapon with note identifying selves as "Avengers"; 3 Jews held for questioning. Students stone Israeli jeep from Bethlehem U. campus; troops disperse throng with tear gas, shoot 1 student in leg, continue siege till nightfall.

Arab World: 1 IDF soldier wounded by land mine near Amik, E. Lebanon; another in shoot-out near Lake Karoun.