Thursday, August 16, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Govt. unity talks stall over issues of settlement & negotiations with Jordan. Actual foreign currency reserve losses in July reportedly exceed $700 million; official $351 million figure created by bookkeeping maneuver [see 8/1]. Speaking at National Defense College, DM Arens charges communications media give "distorted" reports of S. Lebanon situation.

Other Countries: House Ways & Means Trade Subcom. members predict Congress will pass "free trade pact" with Israel before October. US Pres. Reagan tells World Jewish Congress leaders he will cancel US participation in Nairobi UN Conference on Women (1985) if it adopts measure equating Zionism with racism.

Military Aciton

Arab World: Israeli jets bomb supposed Palestine guerrilla camp E. of Bar Elias in Beqaa Valley; casualty reports contradictory; later, roadside bomb explodes near Jezzine, wounding 3 Israelis.