Friday, June 4, 1982

Military Action:

Waves of Israeli F-16s, in their third raid in 6 weeks, strike 4 Palestinian refugee camps, a Fatah training school, a soccer stadium housing PLO members, and the airport in Beirut; Israeli aircraft also strike PLO strongholds near Nabatiyeh and other towns in southern Lebanon. PLO units respond with rocket and artillery attacks on northern Israel and the Israeli-backed enclave controlled by Major Haddad in southern Lebanon

Casualties: Three of four Palestinian refugee camps, housing 125,000, are heavily damaged, and Nazareth Children's Hospital outside the Sabra camp, suffers a direct hit; Lebanese government reports 45 killed and 150 wounded (later raised to 60 killed, 200 wounded). PLO rocket attacks kill 1 Israeli, wound 4.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Israeli military command says air strikes are retaliation for shooting of Argov; PLO denies responsibility for attack on Argov; peace rally held in Acre.

Palestinians/Lebanese: Lebanese President Elias Sarkis meets with US Ambassador Robert Dillon; Lebanese Premier Chafik Wazzan calls for emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the Israeli raids.

US: The US State Department appeals to all parties to "refrain immediately from any further acts of violence."