Sunday, June 6, 1982

Military Action:

The Israeli Army invades Lebanon, with over 250 tanks and thousands of infantrymen rolling past UNIFIL forces at 11 AM; Sidon is bombarded, the coastal road cut, the Lebanese oil refinery at Zahrani bombed, setting oil storage tanks afire; a bridge spanning the Litani, north of Tyre, is blown up; balloons are used to neutralize heat-seeking missiles. Israeli troops move, in three columns, to close in on Tyre, to take Nabatiyeh and Beaufort Castle, and to move from the Golan Heights towards Chebaa. Israeli troops land near the Zahrani river, in an attempt to cut off Palestinians retreating northward. Amphibious vehicles land near Rashidiyeh refugee camp while Israeli paratroopers land at another camp north of Tyre. Israeli planes drop Arabic language leaflets warning Tyre's 50,000 residents not to harbor PLO guerrillas. Thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians fleeing up the coastal road are bombarded.

Several PLO outposts reported taken along the 33-mile front, but Palestinian resist-ance reported fierce; PLO antiaircraft batteries shoot down Skyhawk jet near Nabatiyeh (pilot is captured), another near Sarafand, and 2 helicopters; PLO rocket attacks continue on western Galilee and the Haddad-controlled enclave; PLO claims to have destroyed 42 Israeli armored cars; resistance in Tyre is fierce, leading Israelis to bypass it on their northward sweep; fighting intense around Beaufort Castle.

Syrian artillery opens fire on Israeli forces following Israeli shelling of Syrian positions; Syrian army battling near Hasbaya, 10 miles north of the border.

Several UNIFIL units come under fire; UNIFIL troops at Khardali Bridge, below Beaufort Castle, come under fire but prevent Israeli troops from crossing bridge; UNIFIL protests use of incendiary artillery shells by Israelis in attacking Tyre; UN and Lebanese troops come under heavy Israeli fire near Tyre.


More than 300 people are reported killed June 4 and 5, over 500 wounded; Palestinians estimate 200 Israeli casualties; thousands fleeing towns of southern Lebanon are bombed by Israeli jets along the coastal road; casualties from June 4 bombing of Beirut estimated at 60 killed, 30 wounded. Norwegian UNIFIL soldier killed.

Rocket attacks on northern Galilee result in 3 deaths, 15 wounded, but property damage is extensive, Qiryat Shemona is hit badly; captured Israeli pilot shown at Beirut press conference.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Israeli Ambassador to US, Moshe Arens, claims aim is to push PLO out of artillery range of northern Israel; Begin sends letter to Reagan asserting the same; Israeli Cabinet says Syrian forces will only be attacked if they engage Israeli troops; Yitzhak Rabin (Labor Party) calls on Israelis to support the government; Cabinet calls operation "Peace for Galilee"; Israeli Reserve Generals reported to plan visit to US and Europe to put Israeli case; extensive mo-bilization of Israeli reserves reported as over 1000 public buses mobilized to transport troops (the largest war call-up since 1978); Israel asserts it has no territorial claims on Lebanon.

Palestinians/Lebanese: Lebanese government holds emergency meeting, asks for immediate summit of 22-member Arab League; Lebanese media claim Israelis have used cluster and fragmentation bombs, warning civilians not to touch anything on the ground; President Sarkis summons ambassadors of US, USSR, France and the UK to the palace for a meeting; Arafat flies back to Beirut.

Arab Governments: Egyptian Cabinet and President Mubarak denounce Israeli invasion as aggression (strongest language since 1977); Saudi Arabian King Khalid sends messages to Reagan, other world leaders calling for "quick intervention" to halt Israeli ''massacre. "

US and Other Countries: Reagan joins 6 other leaders at Versailles urgently appealing for a cease-fire in Lebanon; Reagan urges "restraint" in letter to Begin; UK Prime Minister Thatcher says "hit list" of targets found on suspects arrested in Argov shooting include name of PLO London representative; USSR denounces Israel for launching fifth war against the Arabs.

UN: Security Council seeks a resolution acceptable to the US and Arab governments.