Wednesday, June 23, 1982

Military Action:

Cease-fire collapses as Israeli tanks, planes, artillery hit Syrian positions along Damascus highway, fighting reported at 9 points along highway; IDF claims Iranians join fighting near Aley; major tank battle in eastern Bekaa clashes around Lake Karoun, fires burn out of control along highway; Israeli jets hit PLO/Syrian positions near Beirut airport as IDF gunboats hit W. Beirut, IDF continues bombings past new 6 PM cease-fire; car bombs in Beirut kill 50 near seafront, others along Hamra shopping district; fighting focused in Mansouriya area as Israelis try to take heights; IDF takes Bhamdoun.


High casualties as Palestinian areas between airport and city limits take heavy pounding; Acre Hospital in Sabra camp takes direct hits; garbage piles up in Beirut and food prices have doubled in many cases; Rashidiyeh refugees reject clothes offered by IDF, demand their detained sons; 48 IDF soldiers wounded in clashes with Syrians.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel rejects PLO proposal, insists on expulsion of PLO "core" to country not bordering Israel; Sharon argues camps are outside Beirut city limits and exempt from Cabinet restrictions; Israeli leaders fear France too friendly to PLO; Women's Committee Against the War in Lebanon demonstrates outside Knesset; Ziad Abu Ein, extradited from US to Israel for trial, gets life sentence; Begin, returning from US, rules out UN presence in southern Lebanon, Mapam opposes entry into Beirut, but supports war.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Habib gives US proposal to Wazzan to relay to PLO, Jumblatt characterizes proposal as asking for complete surrender of PLO; no new meetings of Council planned; Jumblatt says US refused to make guarantees against IDF assault on Beirut; Lebanese Ambassador to the UN Tueni makes bitter address at UN Special Session on Disarmament; Bashir Gemayel reportedly talks to Arafat by phone.

Arab Governments: Hussein of Jordan leaves for visit to USSR, reportedly angry at US support for Israel.

US and Other Countries: US embassy closes, ships arrive to evacuate nationals of US, UK, FRG; Senator Biden (D-Del) supports cut-off of aid to Israel if it continues to build settlements on West Bank.

UN: West Beirut headquarters of UN closed, moved to East Beirut.