Thursday, June 24, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli gunboats shell Palestinian areas in Beirut, hitting apartment buildings and killing 17; IDF advances in airport area; low-in-come Fakhani area "pulverized" by IDF jets; AP reports 50 buildings damaged in Corniche Mazraa area; blood-stained residents seen wandering in the streets in state of shock; IDF aerial and ground assaults on Syrian positions east of city, in apparent attempt to seize all major ridges overlooking Bekaa; IDF seizes Bhamdoun, severs Damascus highway cutting off Syrian units in Beirut, Syrian forces withdraw to Aley; IDF heavily bombs Chtaura.


West Beirut water cut to 4 hours every 2 days; garbage rots and typhoid cases reported; electricity cut to 4 hours/day; telephone lines and underground cables cut, reportedly by IDF saboteurs; hundreds of US and Lebanese citizens evacuated throughout day from Beirut; US Senate completes emergency ac-tion on $50 m. aid to Lebanon; ICRC says there are 10,000 displaced persons around Baalbek in eastern Bekaa, 8,000 without water, many camped in town's 11 schools; Caritas-Liban puts urban displaced within Beirut alone at 70,000, not including Palestinians and Lebanese who have crossed into Phalangist-held areas; 60 people die in car bomb explosion; 20 killed, 50 wounded in latest bombings.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Israeli soldiers begin to question why they are so deep inside Lebanon as soldiers returning from front reportedly very depressed; Israeli casualty totals not released for past week; an Israeli Cabinet member states Israel's humanitarian aid meant only for indigenous Lebanese, not Palestinians; Sharon says 25-mile security zone is only Israel's minimum goal; Cabinet reportedly reviewing options on invasion of Beirut; Operation Peace for Galilee now Israel's longest war since 1948-49.

Palestinians/Lebanese: Habib continues meetings, but little hope expressed; Sarkis calls Saudi King, supports Arab League Foreign Ministers meeting before full summit; re- ports that Camille Chamoun, at beginning of war, acknowledged Israeli military aid to Phalangists during the civil war of 1975-76; Jumblatt expresses fear PLO may fragment, "go terrorist," calls Council "cosmetic."

Arab Governments: Syria sends 10-12,000 more troops into Lebanon in past week; 5 SAM batteries installed just inside Syrian border; Mubarak and Lebanese Ambassador to US call for stronger US response.

US and Other Countries: US Senate completes emergency action on $50 m. in aid to Lebanon; US reports Begin pledged IDF would not enter Beirut; 650 evacuated by US ship through Jounieh; US reportedly asks Euro-pean/Arab countries to persuade PLO to evacuate Beirut; Tass blames Egypt for invasion of Lebanon; Cuba calls for emergency session of UN General Assembly on Lebanon; Mitterrand calls for emergency session of Security Council.

UN: UN data indicates only one shelling of Israel from Lebanon since July 1981 cease-fire followed IDF bombing of Palestinian camps in Lebanon in June.