Sunday, June 27, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli planes shower leaflets on Beirut warning people to "flee for their lives" and suggesting two escape routes (pandemonium in streets as people try to enter E. Beirut; Phalangists refuse to let Palestinians through their lines); Phalange reported openly cooperating with IDF; large IDF troop maneuvers along Beirut-Damascus highway; Israel dis-plays stockpile of weapons from PLO bases in Lebanon; Israeli Government acknowledges use of US-supplied cluster bombs in Lebanon; car bombings continue in Beirut; 700 IDF tanks, 1000 armored cars, 210 heavy artillery pieces surround Beirut; special IDF unit trained in street fighting arrives from Golan.


Three killed, 20 injured in explosion near Agence France Presse building in Beirut; French paper says 209 died and 153 were wounded in mountains; latest Lebanese police figures are 10,112 dead, 19,000 wounded (expected to be higher); foreign correspondents are still not allowed into Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp (near Sidon) and Rashidiyeh (near Tyre); less than half of Palestinian refugees remain in 3 Palestinian camps, few have anywhere to go.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Cabinet issues "peace plan" demanding that all PLO members, not just leadership, exit to Syria, urges Lebanese Army to enter West Beirut; government officials express some concern over George Shultz; Sharon denies Begin promised Reagan IDF would not invade Beirut; former IDF chief of staff Gur says past 2 weeks of fighting and Israeli deaths pointless; Labor Alignment demands that IDF not ente: Beirut (300 Labor doves demonstrate outside Prime Minister's office); group of army reservists, back from serving in Lebanon, announces round-the-clock protests; 20,000 protest the war in Tel Aviv; blood bank in Gaza sends blood to Sidon victims through Red Cross; 2 mukhtars from Nablus area fired by Israeli government for refusing to join Israeli-sponsored Village Leagues; Nablus Mayor Shakaa condemns US veto of French resolution at the UN.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel's Phalangists expand control in areas seized by IDF (re-ports of interrogations regarding political sympathies at gunpoint, beatings, even killings); hostility of villagers toward IDF in Bekaa area and mountains reported; Prime Minister Wazzan meets with Arafat; Arafat agrees in principle on PLO disarming and leaving Lebanon.

Arab Governments: Advisor to Mubarak says PLO will be radicalized; Saudi Arabia reportedly presses for IDF pullback; Syria reluctant to take PLO guerrillas, fearing Syria would become target for IDF raids; Tunis meeting of Arab foreign ministers reported as a fiasco (though ad hoc committee formed to pressure 5 permanent members of UN Security Council to demand IDF withdrawal).

US and Other Countries: US issues stern warning to Israel not to invade Beirut; Finnish medical therapist says IDF arrested bedridden patients in Sidon.