Monday, June 28, 1982

Military Action:

IDF drops leaflets over W. Beirut for second day (hundreds leave city); IDF inching way along road parallel to highway toward Syrian positions in Metn valley; IDF reconnaissance flights over Beirut continue; Syrian Army withdrawing from western parts of highway (some tanks commandeered by Phalangists).


IDF says 269 Israelis killed, 1255 wounded; 4 IDF soldiers injured east of Damour; captured Israeli pilot, in interview from Beirut, asks Israel not to invade Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli government says only few days will be allowed to see if PLO will accept its offer of safe passage from Beirut; military spokesman of northern command says IDF used cluster bombs; government bans video transmissions originating in West Beirut via Israeli facilities; Israeli soldiers demonstrate against war in Jerusalem (some of their relatives sign peace petitions); IDF soldiers skeptical of their own military news, reportedly increasingly listen to Lebanese radio; land confiscation near Bethlehem brings protests; Jewish Agency announces 10 new settlements in West Bank, 5 in Gaza Strip, 4 in Golan and 4 in Jordan Valley.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Political negotiations continue as diverse proposals exchanged (key issues: removing PLO presence, number that would leave, status of remaining Palestinian refugees); senior Israeli officials hold discussions with Phalange leaders in Beirut (wariness, some distrust reportedly growing between Israelis, Phalangists); PLO leaders reportedly pleased that Israeli government demands Sunday seemed addressed to PLO directly; Arafatr eportedlyd emands US/ USSR/ Gemayel guarantees of safe passage, continues to insist on IDF pullback; officers of Haddad's army complain Israel is ignoring their enclave in discussing future of Lebanon.

US and Other Countries: UK closes embassy in West Beirut.