Thursday, July 8, 1982

Military Action:

IDF Deputy Chief of Staff says IDF is preparing to stay through the winter "if neces-sary" as IDF builds paved roads, moves bases to flat areas, installs water pumps for IDF; intermittent bombardment of W. Beirut by IDF continues as blockade maintained on food, bottled water (except for medicines).


President of American University of Beirut, Malcolm Kerr, launches $5 million fundraising drive to save AU Hospital from financial disaster as a result of the war (says 95 percent of wounded treated at hospital were civilians, 70-80 percent of them Lebanese; nursing staff now down to 50 percent of normal); ICRC for first time allowed to bring ambulances, medicines, blood, hospital equipment into W. Beirut; some food trucks let in; Catholic Relief Services said they were allowed to bring food into W. Beirut for first time in 4-5 days; ICRC supplies in Jounieh still being held up by IDF; four IDF soldiers killed when armored car hits mine in southern Lebanon.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Doubts reportedly emerging among IDF soldiers about how "defensive" this war is; Sharon meets with Habib; government reportedly opposes wide-spread expulsions of Palestinian refugees advocated by Bashir Gemayel; Bir Zeit University closed for 3 months by order of Sharon (400 students protest in Ramallah-30 arrested); 2 lecturers, 30 students arrested in Nablus at Al Najah College.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Habib expects agreement by end of the week; Salam reports PLO dropped insistence on UN approval of multinational force; Wazzan still refuses to go to E Beirut; Pierre and Bashir Gemayel advocate complete expulsion of all Palestinians from Lebanon, civilian and PLO alike; negotiations snagged on role of foreign troops in PLO withdrawal (Salam says what good are troops after the PLO leaves; Sarkis reported-ly wants foreign troops deployed throughout Lebanon, fears PLO and Syrians will otherwise stay in Bekaa); Arafat invites ICRC to visit W. Beirut to see IDF violations of Geneva Conventions.

Arab Governments: In formation Minister says Syria hasn't been consulted on any plan for PLO fighters to go to Syria or for Syrian troop withdrawal (raises fears that Syria will not be willing to take PLO fighters); Syria estimated to have 60,000 troops in Lebanon (30,000 more than before invasion-sent to defend approaches to Damascus); Indian Foreign Ministry asks Israeli consul in Bombay to leave in 48 hours because of "interference in internal affairs."

US and Other Countries: US Sixth Fleet 40 miles off Lebanese coast; Habib instructed to offer US troops only after PLO evacuation; 2 US Senators (Dodd and Levin), after meeting with Begin, claim he set no deadline for evacuation.