Friday, July 30, 1982

Military Action:

IDF, claiming PLO breaches cease-fire, attacks Palestinian neighborhoods, artillery positions in West Beirut by land, sea, air (hour-long air strike hits Ramlet el-Baida, Sabra, Lailake, Shatila, Burj al-Barajneh, Verdun Street, stadium, race track areas; bombardment follows rocket, artillery duels between IDF and PLO; fighting shatters growing optimism as trucks collect garbage for first time in ten days, hundreds of cars seek to enter West Beirut); Habib arranges new cease-fire for 9 PM.


Heavy casualties from IDF bombardment of W. Beirut; IDF blockade of all water and electricity into West Beirut continues for fifth day (risk of typhoid/ paratyphoid epidemic rising; all main West Beirut reservoirs dry; private wells becoming depleted, increasingly unpotable); huge fires started in Palestinian neighborhoods; hospitals, experience critical shortages of food, water; two IDF soldiers reported wounded; IDF refuses to allow entry of $1 m. in US-provided medical supplies into West Beirut (after intervention of ICRC, supplies earmarked for AUB Hospital allowed in); IDF burns three vegetable-laden trucks near southern suburbs; Tyre still without electricity; PLO offers to compensate UNRWA for blockaded relief supplies PLO refuses to allow to be removed from Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin tells Knesset before bombing starts that IDF will step up military pressure on Beirut if PLO does not leave (claims Habib has failed to receive "unequivocal commitment" by PLO to withdraw, reportedly opposes proposal to keep IDF out of sight of Beirut-Damascus highway during any PLO retreat); IDF plan for storming West Beirut reportedly finalized; Begin postpones trip to Africa scheduled for Monday; Shamir dismisses Arab League statement, flies to Switzerland and the US.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: New PLO proposal for leaving Lebanon presented to Wazzan; Salam expects agreement between PLO and Lebanese government in "a week to 10 days"; Wazzan accuses IDF of picking political rather than military targets to press home its demands, threatens to suspend negotiations unless blockade ended; Camille Chamoun criticizes blockade as "cruel," "unjustifiable"; Butros returns from Arab League meeting in Saudi Arabia unoptimistic, reportedly rejects PLO proposed withdrawal timetable; PLO reportedly insists that only regular troops of the Palestine Liberation Army should leave.

Arab Governments: Egypt's Foreign Minister Ali meets with Reagan in Washington, seeks to link PLO withdrawal from Beirut with longterm solution to Palestinian problem; Iraq claims Iranian offensive crushed.

US and Other Countries: Reagan meets with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ali in Washington.