Wednesday, August 11, 1982

Military Action:

IDF jets, artillery shell PLO positions for third day as IDF tanks move into strategic positions in northern Lebanon (IDF forces now poised for strike on northern port of Tripoli or east into Lebanon's central mountain range; IDF pounds Burj al-Barajneh; fighting resumes near Museum); gunboats hit Ain Mraisi; Israelis attempt to advance into W. Beirut along Corniche Mazraa.


ICRC urges "effective" cease-fire, says situation of civilians critical; World Vision says it has been barred by IDF since end of July from sending supplies into West Beirut; need for food critical; nine IDF soldiers wounded; Beirut's only synagogue shelled by IDF, sending Jewish families fleeing; UN Children's Fund has 20 tons of food awaiting authorization to enter W. Beirut; ME Council of Churches unable to send in shipment of powdered milk; Lebanese Red Cross finally able to get in two trucks with oxygen for hospitals.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Habib meets twice with Begin, mood optimistic; Habib returns to Beirut with new points raised by Begin.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Sarkis, Wazzan meet to discuss growing IDF grip on northern Lebanon, await Habib return from Israel; some Phalangists increasingly critical of Israeli presence in Lebanon.

US and Other Countries: US reportedly seeks expanded version of Camp David Accords using "momentum" of PLO withdrawal (expect to press Israel on issue of Palestinian autonomy, seeks to involve Saudis and Jordanians); Mother Teresa arrives in Lebanon as envoy of Pope; 200 Indians protest US support for Israeli invasion at US embassy in New Delhi.