Thursday, August 12, 1982

Military Action:

IDF forces hit West Beirut with 11-hour bombing raids (Lebanese authorities suspend negotiations in protest as Reagan demands end to attacks; IDF calls cease-fire at 5 PM, ending heaviest sustained air raids in Beirut since invasion; bombing follows continuous artillery that began Wednesday); IDF makes heavy deployment of troops in northern mountain, coastal areas, including Dbayieh, Jounieh, Byblos, Akoura bluff (only five miles south of Syrian troops guarding Tripoli); all Palestinian areas hit as well as Manara area; IDF forces in East Beirut heavily reinforced.


Lebanese police estimate 128 killed, over 400 wounded; Berbir hospital takes direct hit after being heavily shelled; Lebanese police unit hit.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli cabinet halts bombardment of West Beirut after confrontation with Sharon, takes steps to curb his freedom to order strikes.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Salam, responding to raids, tells Habib to "go home"; Wazzan refuses to negotiate during bombing, reportedly resigns but continues to function in office; Salam charges US with responsibility for IDF bombings.

Arab Governments: Saudi King Fahd calls Reagan.

US and Other Countries: Reagan expresses "outrage" to Begin, threatens to withdraw US from negotiations unless bombing stops (fears rise that Habib mission will fail). UN: Security Council votes to renew demand that Israel permit UN officers to monitor cease-fire, supported by US.