Wednesday, October 13, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese Army resumes searches in West Beirut; IDF and PLO exchange fire in eastern Bekaa near Yanta; Phalange (Damour Brigade) shells 5 Druze villages throughout day as fighting spreads southeast of Beirut; two IDF APCs come under fire; Lebanese Information Minister Shikhani announces Lebanese Army will move into area Thursday; electricity to capital cut to 8 hours after cable severed in fighting; Wazzan orders security police into area to stop fighting; Phalange turns back reporters trying to enter area; US Ambassador Dillon and Wazzan meet Druze leaders; Phalange militia notifies government it will refuse to turn weapons over to Lebanese Army (nominally under Amin Gemayel's command); IDF stops the fighting in late evening.


Pattern of violation of Palestinian human rights, including mistreatment at detention centers, beatings, crowded cells with no toilet facilities, denied food, meets with no action from relief agencies; 27 detained, total number of detainees estimated at 1,000 to 4,500; Israeli and foreign journalists protest new Army order barring them from driving Israeli vehicles in Lebanon without army jeep escort as IDF also refusing to provide escorts; Israel reverses standing policy, says it will actively seek housing and protection for Palestinian refugees in South Lebanon this winter; at least 3 deaths in Phalange-Druze fighting; Lebanese Government estimates almost 2,000 killed in Sabra and Shatila massacre (762 bodies recovered and 1,200 taken away by families for burial, 212 unidentified, buried in mass grave); only 37 percent were Palestinian, most were Lebanese, a few from other Arab countries; Israeli Minister Meridor says 600 detainees have been released from al-Ansar.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel demands security role for Haddad and written Lebanese guarantee of security zone in South Lebanon as condition for withdrawal; Begin orders protection for Lebanese Druze; Ambassador Arens presents Shultz with Israeli request for $3.2 billion for FY 1984 (currently receiving $2.2 billion); Begin postpones visit to Zaire; Peace Now refuses to testify before independent inquiry linked to Israel League for Civil and Human Rights, says it singles out Israel.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Franjieh reportedly called Gemayel last week to pledge support; Camille Chamoun, in private US visit, calls treaty with Israel impossible now, criticizes lack of expereince and prestige of new Cabinet named by Wazzan.

Arab Governments: Mubarak says autonomy talks at dead end because of Israeli obstruction, following 2 day meeting with Numeiri.

US and Other Countries: 100 picket Shamir in Chicago; Vatican says Arafat renounced terrorism during visit with Pope.