Friday, October 29, 1982


2,000 Palestinian women, on 40-day anniversary of massacre, stage protest in Shatila camp, carrying Palestinian flags and pictures of those who died, lay wreath at mass grave; later in day, rumors of Haddad militia presence spark mass panic as refugees flee Sabra, Shatila, Fakhani districts.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin and other Israeli officials meet with Draper to discuss troop pullout from Lebanon (focus on procedures for meetings between Israel and Lebanon, Begin insists on written security guarantees in South Lebanon); Labor Party rejects PLO proposal for talks on Palestinian self-determination (demands recognition of Israel, renunciation of terror as preconditions for talks); 2 Palestinian youths injured when IDF grenade explodes near football playing field (Jewish settler involvement suspected); 240 Bir Zeit students receive BAs, 6 MAs despite university being closed for 7 months in past year.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Phalange police round up and execute "punk" youths in Christian suburbs; Lebanon reportedly agrees in principle to direct negotiations with Israel; secret contacts reported between PLO and Israeli Labor Party "doves"; Arafat, in interview, says PLO ready to talk to Israeli opponents of Begin Government.

US and Other Countries: State Department announces delegation of US builders will visit Lebanon, explore ways to help rebuild it.