Tuesday, November 30, 1982

Military Action:

Syrians shell IDF in Bekaa; Lebanese Army raids Murabitun Cultural Center in Beirut, seizes 14,000 religious books and legal documents, Wazzan orders books returned, Lebanese Grand Mufti issues protest.


Israeli official says Israeli exports to Lebanon totalled $9.3 m. in October, total trade exchange for year will total $100 m. by December.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: High Court orders Sharon to explain legal basis for detentions at Ansar camp, in suit brought by Leah Tsemel, demanding camps be open to lawyers and family visits; Israeli sources indicate 11 So- viet citizens killed when Israelis destroyed downed lAF aircraft in an effort to prevent its secret equipment from falling into enemy hands; El Al workers fight riot police in Tel Aviv after failing to win injunction against dissolution of airline; Industry and Trade Minister Gideon Pratt meets with delegates of four Black African countries during GATT conference in Geneva (countries have no diplomatic relations with Israel but seek more commercial ties); Israeli official says Israeli debt repayments to US now larger than incoming loans from US.

Palestininas/ Lebanese: Arafat authorizes PLO participation in 14-member commission with Jordan to draw up proposals for peace negotiations; Arafat attends first meeting of Commission, headed by PLO leader Dajani and Jordanian Prime Minister Badran; Arafat leaves for South Yemen; PLO spokesman in Paris says PLO will never recognize Israel, says Reagan initiative "Zionist."

Arab Governments: Saudi King Fahd meets Habib in Morocco to receive report on status of withdrawal negotiations.

US and Other Countries: Republican-controlled Senate Appropriations Committee approves $11.5 billion foreign aid bill, including $2.6 b. for Israel ($125 million in economic and $350 million in military loans/grants more than Administration requested); Reagan later urges House Appropriations Committee to reject the additional aid to Israel.