Monday, December 27, 1982

Military Action:

IDF military bus machine-gunned near Ghazieh in South Lebanon; IDF and Lebanese Army cordon off Khalde beach hotel to secure meeting place, ensure no clashes; IDF tanks seize surrounding hills to stop nearby fighting in Shouweifat, Kfarshima; fighting continues in Aley and two other villages.


Police estimate 18 killed, 27 injured in fighting in Chouf area; 1 IDF soldier wounded near Sidon; 2 IDF soldier killed, 7 wounded in bus attack.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Haaretz poll indicates 53 percent of Israeli public opinion supports immediate withdrawal, 24 percent support staying in Lebanon; Israel sends to Lebanon 6-man team headed by Israeli Foreign Ministry Secretary-General David Kimche; public testimony of Commission of Inquiry resumes as lawyers for some officials cross-examine witnesses (Reuven Gai sharply cross-examined by lawyer for Sharon aide Dudai, Dudai also testifies in private).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat meets Austrian Chancellor Kriesky in Austria; Wazzan, following meeting with Gemayel, names 6-man negotiating team, headed by retired diplomat Antoine Fattal, including Antoine Baroud, lbrah, Kharma, 3 Army officers led by General Abbas Hamdan.

US and Other Countries: US State Department stresses importance of focussing negotiations on getting speedy withdrawal of all foreign forces, not getting bogged down in efforts to force normalization between two countries (status of Haddad forces seen as problematic); 14 of 17 Senate Foreign Relations Committee members send letter to Reagan expressing concern over continued US Marine presence in Lebanon