Friday, January 21, 1983


Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners interviewed in Ansar prison camp say at first life was hell, then improved, now have kerosene heaters in tents, 10 cigarettes per day, English and Arabic newspapers from Israel, but they believe they are being misused for political pressure, and are not permitted to see lawyers; IDF reportedly restoring old synagogue in Sidon.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Recent meeting reported between IDF and Druze in Chouf, in which Druze complain of kidnapping by Phalange, but Phalange return charge; Israeli Energy Minister Modai says Israeli energy development priorities in next decade are doubling oil exploration, building a nuclear power plant and coal conversion.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat meets with Israeli journalist Amnon Kapeliuk in Tunis.

Arab Governments: Arab League foreign ministers meet in Morocco to decide whether or not to visit London.

US and Other Countries: Habib meets with Begin, Shamir and Sharon, fails to get Israeli agreement on security arrangements in South Lebanon, then flies to Beirut and holds long talks with President Amin Gemayel; Defense Secretary Weinberger says he is worried that isolated confrontations between IDF and Marines could grow into something more serious; Alexander Haig's spokesman Sherwood Goldberg denies assertion by unidentified State Department officials that Haig gave Israel green light for Lebanon invasion through winks and nods and failure to communicate Reagan's opposition, after several State Department officials confirm that Haig met with Sharon more than once in days before invasion, with no record of their conversation, and that at May 25 meeting Haig was instructed to tell Sharon of Reagan's opposition to invasion, but he did not say so forcefully, and later Reagan sent direct message to Begin, bypassing Haig, clearly opposing invasion but message arrived in Israel on June 8.