Tuesday, March 1, 1983

Military Action:

IDF strengthens positions in Bekaa Valley within 2 miles of Syrian frontlines; Haddad forces complete deployment in the Bekaa Valley; Lebanese National Resistance attacks IDF position near Khalde, claims 2 killed, others wounded; IDF vehicle destroyed by remote controlled mine east of Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Police discover group of settlers, mostly new immigrants from US, who plan to terrorize Hebron residents and force them to emigrate; two members of (Rabbi Kahane's) Kach settlement Al-Nakam remanded for week on charges of shooting at Palestinians; armed settlers break into Nablus' el-Farouk secondary school, fire shots above students' heads; in Yatta, armed settlers chase youths after being stopped at roadblock of burning tires, kidnap two high school students; in Ramallah and Nablus, students set up road blocks, burn tires; Dheisheh camp under curfew after stones thrown at Israeli traffic; bomb found in car of Hebron merchant; security forces reveal a bomb was found and defused last Friday next to the house of a Palestinian living near Jewish settlement of Beit Hadassah in center of Hebron; military command orders investigation of complaint that soldiers entered home of woman in Nablus, overturned furniture, beat her son; IDF soldiers and civil administrators confiscate keys to Hebron Village League offices after deposed head M. Nasr holds meeting there to reject his dismissal; IDF sentences three soliders to jail for refusing to serve in Lebanon and increases penalties; Military Intelligence Director Saguy and Beirut division commander Yaron, cited by Kahan commission, resign their posts but remain in military; Foreign Minister Shamir says Jordan should not feel apprehensive when Israeli leaders say Jordan is Palestine, it is merely a statement of geographic and demographic facts.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Israel rejects latest Habib compromise proposals, accepted by Lebanese; Habib flies to Cairo to brief Mubarak; Lebanese-Israeli negotiations continue at Khalde; IDF announces Hebrew language courses to be offered to Lebanese, with first course to be held for doctors, merchants, lawyers and teachers in Hasbaya.

US and Other Countries: Rep. Mervin Dymally (D-CA) reports that US aid to Israel during 1974-82 was $22.6 b, more than twice sum given to all Africa, and 25% more than Latin America; Time magazine stands by February 21 story over which Ariel Sharon has fifed libel suit.