Tuesday, March 8, 1983

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Former President Carter meets Begin in Jerusalem; 8500 Israeli health service doctors go on strike over wage claim; Defense Ministry negotiating with Kiryat Arba to accept Kach settlers evicted from El Nakam; several IDF injured by stones near Hebron; woman injured by stones thrown at bus near Bethlehem; IDF arrests 4 youths at Kalandia camp, carloads of settlers enter camp at night, shoot into air, demand that residents hand over stone throwers; Khadr village near Bethlehem under indefinite night curfew, no reason given; curfew imposed on Aida camp near Bethlehem.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Chairman Arafat meets President Amin Gemayel in New Delhi, assures him PLO forces will be withdrawn to facilitate Israeli withdrawal; Lebanese-Israeli-US negotiators meet at Khalde, report progress on question of normalizing relations; spokesman for Abu Nidal organization in Damascus says it was responsible for attempted assassination of Israeli Ambassador Argov, demands release of three men sentenced in London.

Arab Governments: At Non-Aligned summit in New Delhi, President Gemayel meets Presidents Mubarak and Assad, and King Hussein.