Sunday, March 13, 1983

Military Action:

Attacks on IDF near Tyre, Jiyeh, and Damour; Syrians shell IDF fortification on eastern front.


9 IDF wounded in Tyre and Jiyeh attacks; Lebanese industrialist petitions Israeli court for injunction against IDF confiscation of plastics factory near Damour.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Interior Minister Burg given police guard after threats made against him; Yesh Gvul (There's A Limit) organization of soldiers against the war in Lebanon, condemns 21 day detention of reserve sergeant who refused to serve on West Bank; armed settlers escorting school bus traveling to Beit El chase stone-throwing students from Al Mukharabin school, shoot at and injure one, enter school; unidentified persons fire at home of former mayor of Dura, no injuries reported; petrol bomb thrown at car of Village League member in Jenin; Hebron Village League guard seriously wounded when colleague accidentally fires Uzi submachine gun; several dozen shops in Ramallah and Hebron welded shut, marked by large black crosses on front, during past 3 days, as part of IDF campaign to induce local residents, particularly merchants, to curb stone-throwing; Civil Administration warns Birzeit University it will be closed if teachers with foreign passports are found on campus or stopped at roadblocks on way to campus (over 50 teachers expelled from West Bank in last six months for refusing to sign anti-PLO statement in work permits); students at Islamic University in Gaza raise Palestinian flags, IDF fires shots in air.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Walid Jumblatt and Camille Chamoun hold talks.

US and Other Countries; Foreign Minister Shamir's delegation holds 4-hour meeting with Shultz, Habib and Draper in Washington; NY conference of Americans for a Safe Israel provides 300 prorninent American Jews with details of how to purchase land on West Bank.