Wednesday, March 30, 1983

Military Action:

Syrians and Israelis exchange tank and mortar fire east of Beirut for first time in 4 months; gun battles in Tripoli between rival militias; Beirut offices of Arab Deterrent Force closed, premises handed over to Lebanese Army.


Lebanese doctor shot and killed at roadblock by Fiji UNIFIL soldier in South Lebanon; 3 killed, including Syrian soldier, 6 wounded in Tripoli.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Land Day demonstrations in Israel, West Bank, Gaza, 3,000 extra police on duty; 10-20,000 make Land Day march from Sakhnin to Deir Hanna; tear gas fired at demonstrators in Sakhnin; Peace Now demonstrates outside government exhibition in Tel Aviv of residential construction and housing finance opportunities for Jews on the West Bank; Labor Party chairman Peres says position of Haddad forces must not be infringed by troop withdrawal agreement, Israel should not submit to any preconditions, such as settlement freeze, prior to peace talks with Hussein; Habib meets Arens and Shamir who reject notion that Lebanese Army, without Haddad, can provide effective security on northern border; 7 year-old boy killed, 2 children wounded in Shefar Am when hand grenade they find explodes; commercial strike in East Jerusalem; IDF shoots, kills 18 year-old in Tarqumiya, near Hebron, during demonstration; curfews imposed in Nablus, 4 refugee camps; 2 molotov cocktails thrown at IDF vehicles in West Bank; 2 molotov cocktails thrown at IDF vehicles in West Bank; 2 grenades thrown at IDF vehicles in Gaza; 13 persons injured by stones; Al-Fajr editor-in-chief arrested; director of West Bank public health services says clinical symptoms of 53 girls from Arraba, taken ill on March 21, point to something more than a case of mass hysteria.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat, in Damascus, tells rally he rejects Reagan plan, and Fez summit resolutions are only basis for solution to Palestine problem.

US and Other Countries: Soviet Union accuses Israel of planning a piratic strike against Syria, warns it would be playing with fire.