Friday, April 1, 1983

Military Action:

US Marines begin carrying loaded weapons after intelligence reports warn of attacks; IDF construction of airport near Damour reportedly completed; gunmen wearing uniforms of Haddad's force stop Norwegian UNIFIL patrol, wound one, steal rifles and jeep.


Bomb destroys administrative offices of PLO production branch (Samed) in West Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Foreign Minister Shamir calls Reagan statement on F-16s regrettable, says US knew Israel entered Lebanon not to capture or occupy territory but to disperse and destroy PLO; Jerusalem Post public opinion survey on Kahan Commission, conducted among Israeli Jews, shows that 51.7% think conclusions too harsh, 31.4% just, 2.7% too lenient; Village League leader in Farhah, north of Jerusalem, found dead of bullet and stab wounds, the third Village League leader killed in 18 months; Israeliled local councils in Golan raise taxes by 200% following request from Interior Ministry.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Foreign Minister Salem says progress made in joint talks, other officials say gap has narrowed over extent of Israeli military involvement in South Lebanon after troop withdrawal.

US and Other Countries: US officials acknowledge there is no legal prohibition on transfer of F-16s (worth $2.7b and not due for delivery to Israel until 1985), as stated yesterday by Reagan, but approval of transfer now would violate spirit of the law and will be withheld until Israeli forces leave Lebanon; Senate sources make public text of July 15 State Dept. letter informing Congress that Israel's invasion of Lebanon may have involved substantial violations of Arms Export Control Act, which prohibits use of US supplied arms for offensive purposes; Secretary of State Shultz and senior State Dept. officials meet Habib to discuss US position on current status of Lebanon negotiations; State Dept. study shows Israel was most consistent backer of US in UN, voting 86.2% with US, UK second at 80.1 %; 8 prominent Soviet Jews issue statement critical of international Zionism for purporting to speak on behalf of Soviet Jews, call for formation of anti-Zionist committee of the Soviet public, State Dept. calls announcement anti-Semitic diatribe; South African Jews, numbering 120,000, make highest per capita contributions to Israel, second in total amount to US Jews, have emigration rate to Israel 5 times higher per capita than US Jews.