Tuesday, April 5, 1983

Military Action:

IDF patrol attacked by small arms fire and bazookas west of Ein Zahlata.


2 IDF soldiers wounded in Ein Zahlata attack.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Civil Administration head says mass illnesses are work of a local political faction, arrests are being made; Israeli-appointed director general of West Bank hospitals says 20% of cases due to known ailments having nothing to do with poisons, other due to panic and fear; 2 doctors from WHO arrive to conduct investigation; authorities order patients at Hebron hospital to be transferred to Israel or discharged; 3 gasoline bombs thrown at Jericho police station, no injuries reported; Kahane's 17 year-old nephew released on bond after firing Uzi at Palestinians in Old City, judge says rock-throwing is as dangerous as shooting a rifle; Ministry of Labor report shows workers from occupied territories comprise 5-6% of Israeli labor force, including 50% of building workers, 20% of total industrial workers, 20% of service occupations, mostly in hotels and restaurants.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Amman talks recessed for short period, Arafat flies to Kuwait, holds meetings with Kuwaiti officials and members of Fateh Central Committee; tripartite talks held at Khalde with smaller delegations.

Arab Governments: Moroccan King Hassan sends envoys to Arab capitals calling for summit in mid-April.

US and Other Countries: Reagan reportedly telephoned Hussein to urge him to join talks, said US would play active role in seeking solution based on UN Resolution 242.