Monday, April 25, 1983

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: In special Knesset session, Defense Minister Arens says Upper Nablus settlement is of supreme strategic importance for defense, where Jews and Arabs live side by side in Israel they cooperate peacefully and progress together; Druze spiritual leader cancels annual Nabi Shueib celebration to protest tight security checks imposed on Lebanese Druze seeking to enter Israel to participate; Israel Broadcasting Authority empowers director-general to decide whether interviews with West Bank and Gaza personalities are anti-Israel propaganda; US Center for Disease Control doctors report illness in West Bank was induced by anxiety and spread by psychogenic factors, no evidence of poison, no evidence of fabricated symptoms, first cases may have been caused by low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas found in latrine in Arraba; teacher at al-Najah University released after 13 days detention on charges of incitement.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Fateh Central Committee meets in Tunis; tripartite talks suspended for duration of Shultz visit.

US and Other Countries: Secretary Shultz arrives in Cairo, meets Habib and US ambassadors to 9 Middle East countries.