Tuesday, April 26, 1983

Military Action:

Syrian forces fire on IDF tractor and APC in Bekaa Valley.


Suspect in assassination of Bashir Gemayel handed over to Lebanese judicial authorities by Phalange militiamen holding him since September; IDF separates Lebanese and Palestinian detainees at Ansar detention camp.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Government reportedly plans to move thousands of residents out of West Bank refugee camps, will offer them grants to build homes on land placed at their disposal by government, seeks financial support for plan from other governments and from international Zionist organizations; 2 women in Galilee village of Arraba arrested on security charges; British Ambassador in Israel summoned to Foreign Ministry for severe condemnation of recent British statements on Middle East and meeting between Foreign Office Minister and PLO official in Tunis; 350 dunums of land seized at Umar, West Bank village near Gush Emunim settlement of Migdal Oz; West Bank Union of Chambers of Commerce defies High Court decision, will not collect value added tax.

US and Other Countries: After 4-hour meeting with Mubarak, Shultz says US and Egypt hold identical views on withdrawal of foreign forces from Lebanon; State Dept. official says Israel and Lebanon have agreed on 95% of a withdrawal plan, Haddad's role is main obstacle; 3,000 attend memorial service in Washington for Americans killed in Beirut Embassy, at least 7 CIA employees reportedly among those killed in the explosion.