Wednesday, April 27, 1983

Military Action:

Syrian forces fire on two IDF bulldozers, accompanied by APCs, building fortifications in Bekaa; police dismantle small bomb found on campus of American University, third one since US Embassy bombing.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Chief of Military Intelligence briefs Secretary Shultz on Soviet involvement in Syria, says submarines are based at port of Tartus, Soviet pilots fly transport and assault helicopters; Shultz meets Begin, foreign and defense ministers; 4 Israelis wounded by stones thrown at bus on Hebron-jerusalem road; 28 students from al-Najah University released from detention, no charges made.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: President Gemayel rejects any agreement that infringes on Lebanese sovereignty, Lebanese Parliament announces its unanimous support for Gemayel's position; Prime Minister Wazzan leads delegation to Riyadh for meeting with King Fahd.

Arab Governments: Syria has received estimated $1.5b. in advanced weaponry from Soviet Union since September, according to Israeli military sources.