Friday, April 29, 1983

Military Action:

IDF vehicle damaged by mine north of Sidon; IDF tank sets off mine south of Beirut; light weapons fire at IDF position in Bekaa; time bomb explodes in Tyre; IDF reported to have established 30 militias in South Lebanon villages.


1 IDF soldier killed, 3 injured near Sidon; shops in Tyre badly damaged by time bomb.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Windows of 22 vehicles smashed during night in Beit Jala, no suspects; curfews at Balata and al-Aza camps after stone-throwing; Israeli delegation visiting Zaire this week signs agreement granting El Al and Air Zaire flying rights between the two countries.

US and Other Countries: Shultz meets Begin, Arens, Shamir in Jerusalem; State Dept. alters official maps of the Middle East to show West Bank as territory whose status has yet to be determined rather than as a part of Jordan.