Tuesday, May 10, 1983

Military Action:

Syria fires at unmanned Israeli reconnaissance aircraft, shells IDF positions in Bekaa Valley; IDF patrol attacked in Chouf where cease-fire continues; US State Dept. reports steady infiltration of PLO forces into Lebanon, Pentagon estimates overall PLO strength at 12,000-15,000, Syrian forces at 35,000-40,000, IDF at 15,000; other estimates place number of PLO forces returning to Lebanon at 1500 over past 4 days.


1 IDF soldier wounded in Chouf attack.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli officials describe withdrawal agreement as tantamount to peace treaty with Lebanon, predict dramatic improvement in US-Israel relations; Jewish Agency reports immigration for first 4 months of 1983 is 4538, 21% higher than same period last year, Latin America is currently largest source; Israeli settler shot and killed while shopping in Gaza's commercial center, curfew imposed; Ramallah military court sentences 5 men aged 17-22 to prison terms of 11-13 years for premeditated murder of Israeli woman killed by stones thrown at vehicle in January; Jerusalem Day celebrated; Housing Ministry announces plan for contiguous Jewish presence in northeast Jerusalem, connecting French Hill and Neve Ya'acov, using land expropriated in 1980 from Shuafat, Beit Hanina and Anata villages, private contractors to be invited to build luxury villas, other housing units; High Court of Justice permits Jewish prayer demonstration near Moghrabi Gate on Temple Mount.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese officials meet special envoy Habib; President Gemayel meets Jordanian foreign minister, ambassadors of 5 UN Security Council permanent members; Walid Jumblatt says Lebanese Parliament is illegal because it has not held elections for deputies since 1973; Druze leadership demands constitutional reform in Lebanon as condition for agreement with Maronites to end war in Chouf.

Arab Governments: Syria says any Israeli aggression against Syria, even in Lebanon, would mean unlimited war.

US and Other Countries: Soviet Union says US and Israel are trying to partition Lebanon; Shultz, in Paris, asks Soviet Union to use its influence to obtain Syrian withdrawal; House Foreign Affairs Committee votes 18-5 to increase grant portion of US military aid to Israel to $850m, $300m more than administration request, and to increase economic aid request by $ l00m, all grant; CIA and National Security Agency reportedly received warnings a month in advance that an Iranian-backed group planned to bomb the US Embassy in Beirut.