Wednesday, May 11, 1983

Military Action:

IDF patrol fired on from Syrian-controlled territory.


1 in IDF patrol killed; protest demonstrations in Jab Jenin village over IDF detention of villagers suspected of collaborating with resistance forces; Israeli High Court ruling will permit selected list of lawyers to visit prisoners in Ansar camp.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir tells Knesset IDF withdrawal is conditional on return of all prisoners and bodies of Israelis held by PLO and Syria, and complete withdrawal of PLO and Syrian forces; Labor Party criticizes withdrawal agreement in Knesset debate, Peres says security arrangements in South Lebanon are worse under the agreement than before the war; Knesset approval not legally required for implementation of agreement; special envoy Habib meets with Foreign Minister Shamir to discuss Israeli clarifications of agreement; attorney general's office investigates 2 cases of book burning by IDF officers in West Bank last November; 5 IDF reservists sentenced up to 35 days for refusing to serve in Lebanon; Sharon, in Philadelphia for Israel Bonds dinner, says agreement endangers Israel's northern border; Israel celebrates 16th anniversary of reunification of Jerusalem; 6 suspects held in shooting of Israeli in Gaza market.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese officials say all outstanding points of withdrawal agreement are clarified, it can be signed within two days.

Arab Governments: Libya says it will break off all relations with Lebanon if withdrawal agreement is enacted.

US and Other Countries: Secretary Shultz returns to Washington, briefs Reagan.

UN: WHO investigation of mass illness on West Bank is unable to establish specific cause of symptoms, advances theory that the ill-defined health emergency may have been caused by hydrogen sulfide gas escaping from school toilets.