Thursday, May 12, 1983


Armed Phalangists enter Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp in Sidon, force adults and schoolchildren to make blood donations.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Foreign Ministry officials meet Habib to discuss clarifications of agreement; after funeral of Netivot resident shot in Gaza, 5 bakery workers from Gaza beaten by Jews in Netivot; Beit Sahour mayor meets head of Israeli Civil Administration, breaking national consensus of non-cooperation; senior police officer says that in West Bank there is a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil attitude among Jews about Jewish vigilantism; Deputy Attorney General Y. Karp, head of a Justice Ministry committee investigating Jewish vigilantism, reportedly resigned last month because no action taken in year on recommendations for stricter law enforcement, including criticism of intervention by politicians on behalf of arrested suspects and the dependence of the police on the Military Government; Foreign Minister Shamir on tour of West Bank settlement says the Green Line has been erased in political consciousness and on the ground.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Foreign Minister Salem meets President Assad in Damascus; Lebanese Cabinet discusses agreement, gives no formal endorsement of it; Lebanese Parliament extends Cabinet's emergency powers until end of September, extends its own life by 18 months to end of 1984; Haddad calls on IDF to disarm Phalange and Guardians of the Cedars militias operating in his area to carry out death sentences against Palestinians; 34th tripartite session of withdrawal talks takes place at Netanya to work out final wording of agreement.

Arab Governments: Syrian Air Force and Soviet advisers reportedly complete sophisticated 230-mile long anti-aircraft missile defense system stretching from Latakia in north to Jordanian border in south; Jordanian minister of health says he cannot fully accept results of WHO inquiry into West Bank illnesses, even if it is psychological pressure this is a poison of the mind.

US and Other Countries: US Defense Secretary Weinberger meets Saudi Defense Minister Abdel Aziz in Paris, reportedly asks Saudi assistance to persuade Syria to withdraw its forces from Lebanon, US considering direct talks with Syria on troop withdrawal; State Dept. letters show US knew last September that 300-600 armed PLO fighters remained in Beirut in violation of August cease-fire agreement.

UN: WHO assembly votes 65 to 17, with 25 abstentions, for direct supervison of health services in Israeli occupied territories, expresses great concern over epidemic.