Sunday, May 22, 1983

Military Action:

Phalange and Druze exchange artillery and small arms fire in Chouf after Druze sheikh killed by land mine in Kfarhim.


23 killed, up to 100 kidnapped in Chouf fighting.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Detectives investigating murder of 2 Russian nuns suspect fanatical Jewish opponents of Christian activity in the Holy Land, Russian convent and other Christian institutions in Jerusalem recently daubed with swastikas; 90% of government-employed doctors refuse to work in escalation of strike actions for higher wages begun March 2; High Court rules that Druze residents of Golan Heights must carry Israeli identity cards; Chief of Staff Levy says reserve duty will average 60-65 days this year if IDF remains in Lebanon for protracted period; Cabinet formally ratifies agreement with Lebanon.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Foreign Minister Salem, in Paris, says Syrian position on Lebanese-Israeli-US accord is not final; Habib arrives in Beirut for meetings with Lebanese officials.

Arab Governments: Iraq says US-arranged Lebanese-Israeli accord constitutes a chain on Lebanon's sovereignty; Kuwait minister says agreement is an infringement on the rights of the whole Arab nation; Col. Qaddafi says rebellion in PLO has his material and moral support.