Monday, May 23, 1983

Military Action:

Druze militia and Lebanese Army exchange fire in Beirut; IDF vehicle attacked by bazooka fire west of Ansar camp.


Maronite archbishop of Tyre kidnapped by Druze forces, later released after intercession of President Gemayel; between 83 and 104 kidnap victims exchanged, estimated 25 remain unaccounted for in Chouf; Lebanese Army arrests 17 Druze militiamen after Beirut battle; 1 IDF soldier killed, 1 wounded in bazooka attack; IDF releases 3 Syrian detainees from Ansar for health reasons.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: PM Begin opposes deadline for Syrian withdrawal or for unilateral IDF redeployment; IDF and Interior Ministry agree to establish 2 new border police companies, of 100 each, in West Bank; Health Ministry issues doctors with back to work orders, threatens to put them under military orders, doctors agree to resume negotiations; suspect in grenade attack that killed Peace Now activist February 10 remanded for 15 days in Jerusalem.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: DFLP leader Hawatmeh says Syria should impose economic blockade on Lebanon to force Lebanese bourgeoisie to decide whether its true interests lie with Israel or the Arabs; Arafat says Qaddafi seeks to split Palestinian revolution, will not succeed; 5 dissident Fateh officers refuse orders placing them under Arafat's command.

US and Other Countries: Coalition of trade unionists, political figures, and Palestinians in Quebec sends telegram to Prime Minister Trudeau asking him to forbid former Israeli Defense Minister Sharon from entering Canada on June 1 for fund raising campaign.